Saturday, December 7, 2019

North, South, East, & West!

Such a great Woodsy Wednesday today!  We read a story called Follow That Map and then talked about the cardinal directions.  We played a fun game that got us all running in all of those directions!  Then we had some free explore time with a real compass! 🧭

Week Recap

We had another busy week full of great learning!  We were so excited to welcome a new friend to our class too!! Everyone showed her buckets of kindness!!💝

Friday, November 22, 2019

Grateful on W. W.

This week we ventured outside and were surprised at how different the woods looked with all the freshly fallen snow! It was clean, bright, and full of sparkle!  We read a story called Nickommoh! A Thanksgiving Celebration.  We briefly discussed how Native Americans lived here before the Pilgrims came to America.  Some had monthly Thanksgiving celebrations that they would do after a harvest.  After our book talk, we gathered in a circle, hand in hand and shared our thankful thoughts with the forest!  It was a beautiful moment!

New S.S. unit - Community!

Dear Families,

Our class has started a unit in Social Studies about Community.  We will be learning
about how people in our community help us in different ways, how different communities
make decisions, and how communities change over time.  Also, there are landmarks/features
that help identify places, and locations can be represented on a map. We will explore
local maps and maps of countries around the world.

Today in class we read On The Town by Judith Casely.  In this story, a boy explores
his community. Like in the story, your child will be coming home
with a journal with blank pages in it.  When you need to run an errand or
are out and about in Richmond, take your child along with you (notebook in hand).
It would be great for your child to record a couple places that they visit or drive by. 
They can name the place (library, bank, bakery, gas station). Who was working there?
They may take a picture or draw one in the journal! We have added an example below.

This will be fun to see what students discover about their community!  Please return
journals after vacation.  Thank you for your help with enriching our latest
Social Studies unit!! 
Happy Exploring!

The First Grade Team

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Snow day!

Flooding and snow and ice Oh my!! What will winter be like? Please enjoy the day and stay safe! See you for PJ & stuffy day tomorrow!!

Image result for snow day meme


On Wednesday we will be celebrating expected behavior with a Movie and Stuffy day!  Please allow your child to come to school in PJ’s.  They may bring a stuffy that can fit in their bag and a small blanket if they choose to. Your child can choose if they want to participate in this or not.  They have worked hard for this celebration!
Thank you!!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Pipsqueak's Adventure

We had such a great time with Diana Dunn, a local author who came in for a visit! She recently published her first book called Pipsqueak's Adventure.  She shared the inspiration behind the book and the long process that it took to make it.  She talked about how an illustrator has to be really thoughtful about the pictures they choose in order to portray the story when there are no words to accompany the pictures. It was nice to have this visit right after we had just finished our books and could recognize a little bit of the work that goes into publishing a story! 🕮

North, South, East, & West!

Such a great Woodsy Wednesday today!  We read a story called Follow That Map and then talked about the cardinal directions.  We played a fun...