Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ms. Virginia came in on Monday and taught us about Fiber Farms.  These are farms that raise animals such as alpacas, sheep, and angora rabbits for their fur for clothing. They learned the many steps to creating usable fibers. They also made real cheese together!  Ella made an adorable sheep! 🐑

Hope everyone gets through the craziness of the night!!  We had a very busy day at school today!  We started our day off with taking a break from our Small Moment writing and had a Festive Free Write.  They were all soooo excited to write something that is fiction!! We then all shared our stories around a crackling fire!

Later when our "engines" were running a little high we did a pumpkin workout! I think I have found a great strategy for the future!! 

Thank you for all of you who donated delicious things for our celebration today!  The kids had a blast and were very proud of what they brought in! We then ended our day with a short walk out to the woods to get some fresh air and build a little!

Oh, one more thing!  Here are a couple of pictures of their STEM challenge yesterday in the Makerspace!  Challenge: To build a fence that could balance 5 little pumpkins on!

Monday, October 29, 2018

I wanted to share this powerful article I read recently on the importance of getting children playing and learning outside. There are countless benefits for everyone! 🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳⛅
Click the link below:

Saturday, October 27, 2018

This week on Woodsy Wednesday we read The Little Red Fort.  Then we began building forts and little houses.  It was amazing to see the teamwork that was going on among this crew.  They showed creative building and did it in a safe way.  They were all very excited about this!  We had our Enrichment teacher, Mrs. Rankin join us and Mr. White did as well for a little bit, too!  Mrs. Rankin brought Stick-lets for us to try out.  They are used to combine sticks together for building. They were neat to try out however, most students liked the teepee style strategy best! We are looking forward to collaborating with her more in the future!
              Image result for little red fort book                            Image result for rubber links for fort building


We had a week full of apple exploring!  We tasted apples and charted which we liked best, we made applesauce, tasted apple cider, and talked about what an apple farmer would need to buy to support their orchard. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wild about our Woodsy Wednesdays!  Today we talked about the importance of plants producing seeds.  We took a different trail that wound around some tall grasses, we found all sorts of seeds to spread around.  We also enjoyed our cooked pumpkin seeds while we were out there!

We continue our shape practice through manipulating pattern blocks!  We were very proud of our creations! Below is a video that shows students on a shape hunt.  Their enthusiasm was so wonderful to see! Such innocence and awe!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Last week in the woods... we talked about the changing seasons! We observed the beauty around us and found different types of leaves to trace into our little journals.  We were so excited to receive bags with our names on them for our outdoor adventures!

Friday we had another visit from Ms. Virginia.  She taught us about the life of a seed.  We also learned that our state of VT grows many different types of fruits and vegetables.  We organized these fruits and veggies into two categories VT and Far away. We then read a story I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child.  This is a clever story that can convince even the pickiest of eaters to try a vegetable! Afterward, we were able to taste test carrots, mango, and peas!  We discussed the importance of eating the rainbow! 🌈
We look forward to our next time with Ms. Virginia!!

Friday, October 12, 2018

What a pumpkinlicious week we have had! We began by adding some new poems to our poem/song binder.  A favorite was 5 Little Pumpkins! We painted wooden pieces to help us chant this poem.

We also continued with our Geometry unit in Math.  We explored different pattern block shapes. We discovered two triangles can create a rhombus,  a triangle and a rhombus can create a trapezoid, and six triangles can create a hexagon!  What great spatial awareness practice this was!

We had a fabulous trip to the Whitcomb's Land of Pumpkins and corn maze!  We learned all about different types of pumpkins, how they grow, how the farmers take care of them, and then had an adventure in a corn maze!


A few announcements being sent home today to look for: Book orders due Friday!   Reading party on Thursday!!   A note about some up...