Monday, December 24, 2018

  This week we went on a walk to check on our bird feeder pine cones that we made last week.  We were very surprised at what we found or what we didn't find!  These moments are so wonderful for students to wonder and ponder about animals and nature!  Later we walked to the outdoor classroom where we talked about Whitetail deer, an animal that inhabits our woods and fields.  We concluded with deer head creations made from sticks and pipe cleaners!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

      This week in math we practiced adding three numbers in equations and putting a spin on the familiar game of roll and record, this time using three dice! We also talked about the less than, greater than and equal equations and the symbols that go along with these.  
      We also flew to the country Sweden this week.  We read books about Sweden and learned about a holiday that they celebrate called Santa Lucia day.  This celebrates a girl who lived long ago who would wear a wreath of candles upon her head so that she could see the way in the dark.  She would visit people in prison and bring them food.  True kindness!
         Along with reading some of the amazing Jan Brett books, we also read a family favorite of mine, The Fiddler of the Northern Lights, written by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock, a VT author!  We created northern light pictures by using watercolor paints and finishing them off with a new medium - charcoal for the night tree line!  They are gorgeous!
          I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday break with lots of family down time!! Peace to you all! ❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚

Monday, December 17, 2018

Did you know that Martin Luther was walking in the woods one evening in Germany and saw the beautiful stars shining down on an evergreen tree and thought it looked so beautiful that he created the tradition (one of the few credited) of bringing a tree to decorate for Christmas?   We thought we would decorate pine cone bird feeders and bring them outside to adorn a tree of our own! Everyone was so excited to do this.   We can't wait to go back this Wednesday and see what is left of them!

This past week we traveled to Germany from Israel!  We had a great flight over where we watched video clips of what Germany looks like, what people eat there, and traditions that many people celebrate there.  We talked about how many celebrate St. Nicholas day.  They set their shoes out on December 5th and in the morning the children wake up to small treats in their shoes left by St. Nicholas!  We had to try this out!  We made shoes and set them out overnight and he came!!  Later in the week, we had a video chat with a friend of mine from Germany.  She taught us how to say some German words.  We learned our tongues have a bit of a hard time saying some of those words!  😄
We also read the Nutcracker, where some students had many connections! We had a few show us their ballet moves to the Nutcracker music, so sweet!

                                                                  The plane ride to Germany

                                                    Creating our shoes for St. Nicholas day

Ms. Melissa teaching us about Germany

Making Nutcracker puppets

Sunday, December 9, 2018

So much has been happening in first grade!  Last week we started our latest Theme unit - Mapping!  We will discover maps by exploring the world and other cultures within it!  December has many wonderful holidays to learn about, too!  

We took our passports and boarded a plane to Israel last Tuesday!  We discussed places and traditions that one may find there.  We also talked about Hanukka! Rose's father came in and told us the story of the Maccabees and the oil miracle.  We ended with playing the game dreidel and ate some delicious gelt -chocolate coins! It was so fun having him come in and share a family tradition!
Our plane ride!


On Woodsy Wednesday we built maps out of the snow using natural materials! We had to work cooperatively with our partners deciding how best to construct them. These maps could lead you to our outdoor classroom!  


A few announcements being sent home today to look for: Book orders due Friday!   Reading party on Thursday!!   A note about some up...